Astounded Victoria Sellers Speak Out:

We  tried selling our house privately & then listed it for sale, we sat on the market for almost a year with NOT one single offer. Then we called Suzy and SOLD… Suzy’s strategies are perfect tools on how to prepare and sell houses.  No other realtor that I talked to, and I spoke to several, ever offered anything like that.
Amanda P.

I had previously listed my home for 7 months with another agent who gave me no suggestions, and who stated that my home “showed well”.  After my experience with you, I realize that nothing could have been further from the truth..  No offers during that 7 months, is a mute testament to the inaccuracy, until you became involved and it SOLD in days…
G. Gordon

Suzy is one of Vancouver Island’s leading experts in the sale of EXPIRED/PREVIOUSLY LISTED and UNSOLD properties, some of which were listed by several real estate agencies with NO results until Suzy came along and got the job done, often in record time and without deep price reductions.  Over the years, Suzy’s knowledge, experience, and creativity have brought grateful relief to sellers and she has SOLD hundreds of these “Expired Listing” properties. Sellers say:  “If you want it GONE, call Suzy Hahn!


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Hundreds of home sellers who have already been “on the market”, whose property DID NOT SELL with their previous Real Estate Agencies, end up with nothing but FRUSTRATION and an EXPIRED LISTING CONTRACT.   Many of these frustrated sellers need or want to sell FAST and get on with their lives!  However, we’ve never met one seller who wants to give away their property by selling under market value.  They only want honest and no nonsense answers about how to get the job done including why their property hasn’t already sold, how to make it attractive to buyers, pricing, and positioning, and they are usually seeking a “no-nonsense” agent who has an aggressive and effective marketing plan.

Suzy is here for you to analyze what went wrong and provide a step by step Assertive Marketing System that gets your home SOLD.

Suzy’s exceptional track record selling the expired or hard to sell (not Suzy’s label) properties speaks for itself.  Because she firmly believes outside the box type of marketing is everything!

Suzy Hahn & Associates have the resources, the extensive experience, the technical background and the marketing finesse to deliver the results you are looking for.

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