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Two years ago we were faced with the daunting challenge of selling our unique waterfront home. It was special to us but had appeal only to a limited market. With gratitude and relief we met Suzy Hahn at an ‘open house’ and confidently turned the task over to her.

Suzy Hahn approached the job with an abundance of enthusiasm and professionalism. Her attention to detail was second to none. Suzy exemplifies all that one looks for in a realtor.

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Suzy as we feel confident that she will make the marketing of your home a successful and rewarding experience.
~ Dr. & Mrs. Neilson




I am writing to recommend the services of Suzy Hahn.

I have had occasion to user her services twice in the past 7 months, and have been amazed with what she is doing for me.

The first occasion was to list a rental property for sale. The house was sold within 2 weeks of being listed. It was well advertised, I was kept informed of what was happening, how often the house was being shown etc. I was immediately aware the Suzy’s goal is to provide excellent service.

The 2nd occasion was to help find my daughter and son-in-law a house. They were moving here from out of town and arrived for a one week visit to find a place. Suzy went to work researching available properties, she spent time with us making comparisons to ensure that they were getting the best deal possible. Through her perseverance and excellent negotiating skills, the “kids” found a house that they are going to be so proud to call their home.

I have dealt with Realtors in the past and not been at all impressed, in fact in those instances by the end of the business deal, I wondered what they had done for their money!

I will recommend Suzy Hahn without hesitation to any friend or family member who is in need of a realtor’s services. She cares about people, and will do her best to get the results that you need.

~ Donna Ellis    
I am sad to say that Donna Ellis has passed away. She is truly missed for her endless support, integrity and kindness to all.  Suzy




Owning several successful marketing businesses I was baffled with my home in Cordova Bay Matticks Woods being on the market for 279 days and not selling. We were leaving Canada and our deadline was very near. I have researched who would be the most effective realtor and decided to call on Suzy. When we met, I asked for her specific strategies and after a one hour consultation I instinctively understood why she is the one who will sell our house. Suzy is a natural born marketer and promoter. She immediately changed all our promotions and marketing strategies and the rest is now history.

We listed at the same price of $429,900 as he had for the 279 days before, yet we sold in only 30 days. It was due to Suzy’s Personalized Marketing Action Plan, one I must say is second to none. So you see it is very true – “If you want it gone call Suzy Hahn.”

Thanks you Suzy you have kept your promises and delivered.
~ T.C.

Being in our seventies, we have bought and sold many homes in our time. It was a lucky break that my sister received a call from you to list her condominium after it expired with Re/Max. She listed her waterfront condo with you and you sold it to your own buyer within a few days. She sung your praises, loved your energy and told me all you did for her. As you well know, Margaret had to leave our beautiful Sidney home due to health reasons. We were very discouraged after our other listing expired but decided after meeting with you to try the market again. We must confess that when you told us you find your own buyer as high as 80% of the time, we had a hard time believing you. Yet, you did just that! Thank you again for your persistence, without it we would still be in Sidney. Good luck with your chosen profession – you are the best! ~ Alex & Margaret Copley,

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