Suzy Hahn: Buyer’s Advantage Program

Buyers who never met Suzy comment that when they begin their search, they often start with her listings, as those homes are staged by Suzy, de-cluttered and the buyers feel that Suzy’s outside the box style marketing always zeros in on what is most important to a Buyer and therefore they are confident that they wont miss out on their dream home or on a great deal. Suzy is well-known as “The REALTOR” to sell your home – her proprietary marketing and sales program gets homes sold. Suzy is a certified member of Worldwide Who’s Who. What gives Suzy’s listings the advantage is that she has an innate understanding of who the right buyer is for her listings, emphasizing all the best features and benefits and she communicates this valuable information of the home, most effectively & directly to that buying audience.

EXPERIENCE IS NOT EXPENSIVE. IT’S PRICELESS! When shopping for a new home with Suzy and her team of dedicated Buyer agents on your side, you can also benefit from Suzy’s edge. Suzy’s Buyer’s Advantage Program gives you exclusive access to her up-coming listings as well as her personal database of clients interested in selling to the right qualified buyer, but for various reasons, not publicly marketing their home.

Suzy is a known trouble shooter for Expired properties: homes that were being marketed by other agencies, but for one reason or another did not sell.

Frustrated, these owners have contacted Suzy for advice, but are often so fed up with having the inconvenience of sitting on the market, they have agreed with Suzy to sell to the right buyer. By this point, their motivation is high, they have a realistic sense of the market and they are grateful to have a potential buyer for their home without the inconvenience of frequent, unqualified showings. It’s a win-win.

With Suzy and her team, not only is the entire real estate inventory including MLS listings and For-Sale-by-Owner homes available to you, but you also have the advantage of knowing in advance of Suzy’s upcoming and potential listings. First in the door gives Buyers the advantage and peace of mind that you’ve not missed out on a great deal or that perfect dream home.

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